src="/file/documentation/GuideFB3-small.png" Buy here Migration Guide to Firebird 3 (Digital Edition) Carlos H. Cantu 122 pp., electronic format (fully navigable PDF) Publisher: FireBase English, Brazilian Portuguese Firebird 3 brings numerous innovations, such as the long-awaited full SuperServer's SMP support, network and database encryption, local user authentication in the database, improvements in the communication protocol, in addition to several new features in different areas of the DBMS. All this made the migration process from an older Firebird version a bit more complicated than it was in previous versions, where, basically, all you had to do was replace the server with the new Firebird version or, at worst, a backup and restore of the database. With Firebird 3, you have different user management plugins allowing the same user to exist in several different plug-ins, with different passwords. The SYSDBA is now optional, as well the use of the security database (you can use any existing database as the security database). This Guide will help you in the process of migrating your existing databases and servers to Firebird 3, avoiding headaches and bad surprises!  
The Firebird Book Second Edition Buy here The Firebird Book Second Edition Helen Borrie 1038 pp., electronic format (fully navigable PDF) Publisher: IBP Publications; editions 2012, 2013 (updatable) English ISBN-10: ISBN-13: Since the original edition of The Firebird Book was published as a 900-gram doorstop in 2004, the open source Firebird relational database management system has undergone three major releases through versions 2.0, 2.1 and 2.5. The Firebird Book Second Edition ("TFB2E") brings Firebird technical users up to score across all of the releases from the original v.1.0 through to the latest 2.5. The entire book (40 chapters + 14 Appendices + Glossary) is distributed on a DVD by IBPhoenix. When you purchase the DVD (which contains an enormous amount of additional resource material), it will be sent to you by snail mail. You don't have to wait for your DVD to start using The Firebird Book: you will receive a link to download the fully navigable PDF book as soon as your order is processed.  
The Firebird Book Second Edition The Firebird Book Second Edition in print format (3 volumes) Helen Borrie 470 pp., 532 pp., 444 pp., respectively Publisher: IBP Publications; series of 3 volumes (March 26, 2013) English Vol. 1: Firebird Fundamentals ISBN-10: 148274497X ISBN-13: 9781482744972 Vol. 2: Developing with Firebird Data ISBN-10: 1482767309 ISBN-13: 9781482767308 Vol. 3: Administering Firebird Servers and Databases ISBN-10: 1482768488 ISBN-13: 9781482768480 The chapters from the full eBook have been split across three volumes and published in trade paperback format. Click on the respective ISBN codes to get the details of each and to buy. Also available on Amazon — search 'The Firebird Book Second Edition'.  
The Firebird Book: A Reference for Database Developers Buy here The Firebird Book: A Reference for Database Developers Helen Borrie 1128 pp. Publisher: Apress; 1 edition (August 2, 2004) English ISBN-10: 1590592794 ISBN-13: 978-1590592793 This is the first, official book on Firebird the free, independent, open source relational database server that emerged in 2000. Based on the actual Firebird Project, this book will provide you all you need to know about Firebird database development, like installation, multi-platform configuration, SQL language, interfaces, and maintenance. This comprehensive guide will help you build stable and scalable relational database back-ends for all sizes of client/server networks. The text is well-stocked with tips, code examples, and explanations to reinforce the material covered. This book concentrates on Firebird edition 1.5 complete with updated language, security and optimization features without neglecting the needs of Firebird 1.0 users.  
Firebird2-0 Compre aqui Firebird 2.0 O Banco de Dados do Novo Milęnio Carlos Henrique Cantu Número de páginas: 328 Editora: Ciência Moderna (2006) Português ISBN: 8573935391 O livro aborda as inúmeras novidades inseridas na versăo 2.0 do Firebird. Cada recurso é discutido em capítulos específicos, sempre acompanhados de exemplos práticos que facilitam o entendimento do leitor. Os exemplos do livro săo baseados em um banco de dados de vendas de filmes, tornando mais fácil a compreensăo dos diversos temas abordados, em situaçőes reais de utilizaçăo. Todos os exemplos do livro săo apresentados utilizando SQL e PSQL (linguagem procedural nativa do Firebird), com a exceçăo do capítulo sobre UDFs, que faz uso da linguagem Delphi/Pascal para criaçăo das funçőes. Este livro é indicado para todos os desenvolvedores, independente da linguagem de programaçăo utilizada por eles, pois trata essencialmente do Firebird.
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